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Rhys_17_months_(11)Preschoolers love to run, jump and climb. We have  an extensive outdoor play area that allows for lots of physical fun. 

Young children want to do everything adults do. We respect children and we believe that they are competent and confident learners. In Happy Hours Children have the opportunity to partake in group projects.  They begin to understand group dynamics, build friendships and enjoy working in groups.

We provide opportunities for table top activities that provide a wide variety of skills. We give each child the freedom of choice and we incorporate lots of time for free play to further develop social interactions and build on growing friendships. 

Music and movement promotes social interactions but also helps with physical development of both fine and gross motor skills. We also offer a variety of constructive and manipulative play such as gluing, beading, threading, straws etc. to develop pre-writing skills. We encourage lots of group activities to encourage  children to build relationships and foster relationships.

Our emergent curriculum is based on childrens current interests and encourages children to fulfil their natural curiosity and willingness to try new things. This provides children with the opportunities to develop self-direction, self-reliance and self-esteem.

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