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I liked playing with my friends and practising my letters. I liked painting my hand prints and foot prints. I had great fun in Happy Hours. 

(Aimee Bard. Age 7).

I want to take this opportunity to let you know just how happy myself & Stephen are with happy Hours Créche & how much Cían loves it! You run such a happy, homely & professional créche for all the kids & all your staff are so good & helpful. We just cannot praise ye enough. Even receiving photos of Cían means so much. I hope that baby number two will be able to go into you in the future.
(Roisin Dillon. 2012).

My little boy was born in January 2009 and my anxiety about having to go back to work began almost immediately. I thought nobody would be able to look after him like I could. I checked all the crèches and child minding options in the area and everyone I spoke to recommended Happy Hours. We called unannounced to check out the crèche and immediately loved the warm and caring atmosphere and the happy staff that translated into happy children. My mind was instantly put at ease and I enjoyed the rest of my maternity leave happy in the knowledge that we had found the right place for my wee man.


From day one the genuine respect for children was obvious – when we spoke about the arrangements for introducing my son, aged seven months, to the crèche Sylvia suggested leaving him in for an hour the first day and to see how he felt about it after that. It was obvious from the very beginning that they were truly child centred I love that Sylvia got one of the children to open the new Montessori school. Her child centred ethos permeates all that she does.


My son settled in very well to his “second home” , it was me who was upset on the first day and I will never forget the very kind text I received from Sylvia containing a photo of my very happy baby boy with Liz and a message telling me “Don’t worry Mom I’m fine”.


My son truly loves his time at Happy Hours and on occasion doesn’t want to come home because he is having such a good time. One bank holiday Monday, long before he could verbalise what he wanted, he brought me his jacket and crèche bag and looked at me in the hope that I might bring him to crèche. A testament to both his enjoyment of his second home but also an indication of his communication skills that were developed at a very young age.


The staff are excellent at stimulating children and bringing out their potential. We get daily feedback on how our son is getting on and regular developmental reports to make sure he is meeting all his milestones. My favourite feedback is the photos I receive by e-mail from the crèche of my little darling having a ball with his friends, which is lovely when you are busy at work and get reassurance that your child is being well cared for and most importantly enjoying himself. On the occasions that my son has been unwell, when I collect him from crèche he is always being comforted in the loving arms of one of the staff – Sylvia could easily add HR specialist as a string to her bow because she has surrounded herself with very caring, professional and loving staff – and even the crèche pet Cara is perfect and a firm favourite in my little mans life. In fact Cara was among his first words.


I have just had my second baby and I know that he will love going to Happy Hours with his big brother. I would not hesitate to recommend Happy Hours to any parent but be prepared to feel a little jealous when your child loves his second home more than his first and when he beams great big smiles and shares hugs and kisses with the wonderful team in Happy Hours! 
(Breege Doherty. 2010).

Happy Hours is an excellent crèche and Montessori School that has provided my two children with a safe, stimulating, fun environment. All of the team in Happy Hours are very professional, dedicated and encouraging. The facilities in Happy Hours are equally excellent and overall the environment is a very happy and welcoming one. 

(Veronica Merrick 2010).


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