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Well Being:

We nurture each childs well being within the context of warm and supportive relationships with others. We promote all aspects of development such as physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and spiritual.


We promote intellectual well-being by providing opportunities for children to use and extend their developing intellectual competencies.




Identity and Belonging

Self image and self esteem are shaped by the worth the child attaches to himself. We communicate messages of respect, love, praise and encouragement to all the children in our care. 

We highlight to each child the importance of him or herself as an individual rather than what he or she can do & w
e help children to explore issues of diversity through play. 



Exploring and Thinking:

Early childhood is a time of tremendous opportunity for active exploration and for interpreting this experience. In doing so the child uses his intelligence and imagination to think in convergent and divergent ways. 


Children learn with and from each other. They share experiences, feelings and thoughts and this accelerates learning and gives an understanding of different perspectives.


We provide young children with opportunities to develop their thinking creatively, to develop as problem solvers and to develop other skills such as sorting, matching and ordering.


Play is a natural and enjoyable way for children to learn. We continually observe children at play so we can understand, appreciate and identify what the child is learning, the connections he is making with other people, places and things, and the ways in which this learning is occurring.


Play is a process.  The diversity in play supports all aspects of learning and development. Children develop imagination and creativity. 

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