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Our ingredients are fresh and home cooked on site in our own kitchen. Where at all possible it will be free from artificial colorings, preservatives etc. We also use as much wholegrain products as possible.

Attached is a Sample Dinner Menu. We operate a rotating Menu to keep the food varied and interesting and to avoid the repetition of a weekly system. Naturally there may be some small variations from time to time depending on the season and the childrens tastes. If a dish is unpopular we have no problem taking it off the menu. We always welcome new suggestions from parents regarding new dishes to try.







Week 1

Chicken Casserole with Vegetable & mashed potato.

Shepherd’s Pie with vegetables.

Pasta Dish.

Pork Casserole & Mashed Potato

Baked Cod with Mashed Potato & Vegetables

Week 2

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tuna, sweet corn & Potato Bake topped with cheese.

Beef Casserole with rice or potatoes.

Fish with potatoes and vegetables.

Roast Chicken with vegetables & mashed potato

Week 3

Pork Casserole with mashed potato & vegetables.

Mild Thai Chicken Curry with rice.

Shepherds Pie topped with cheese.

Beef Casserole with mashed potato


All meals are accompanied with vegetables, milk or water and followed by a fruit snack. We do not allow fizzy drinks, crisps or sugary snacks. We welcome small healthy snacks such as a sandwich, fruit, small bottle of water etc)

We provide all the main food groups and healthy cooking methods are employed. Careful planning is used to ensure that all vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fibre are part of what is offered daily to the children in our care. We never deep fry any of our food. We oven bake and grill the majority of our dishes.

At an appropriate age, part of our preschool programme involves fun cookery or baking activities for the children. We find this is a positive and fun way to introduce the children to cooking and to some basic ideas of nutrition.

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